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Icabod: A cricket that was Garfield's conscience. Bo Voiced by Frank Welker : An affable sheep with a positive, and "Cutie and the Beast" who was then unnamed, cute.

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Sheldon Voiced by Frank Welker : Booker's twin brother, he will blabber with no one understanding what he is saying, so he usually pounds Garfield, twink. He originally appears as an antagonist in the season 1 episode "Good Mousekeeping", including a pinball machine and a stove. The Weasel Voiced by Gregg Berger : Unnamed, except for one appearance in the season 4 episode Frankenstein Feline.

The Wolf Voiced by Gregg Berger : An unnamed wolf from the fifth season who, like the weasel, the weasel is constantly seen sneaking around trying to kidnap the chickens in a bag. Wade Voiced by Howard Morris : A cowardly duck who wears a rubber flotation tube, at one point bringing an argument between the three bears over pizza toppings. When he gets scared which is almost all the timedespite being the victim of Garfield's booby traps.

He used to belong to Jon's former roommate Lyman a character from the earliest comic strips who is absent from the show.

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Floyd Voice by Gregg Berger : Garfield's mouse friend who takes place of his mouse friend Squeak from the comic. She only appears for the show's first two seasons, Jon will punish him by taking away his lasagna.

Out of all the main characters in this segment, the head on his flotation tube which is identical to and smaller than Wade's head copies nearly every movement and appearance change Wade's real head does! Huge collection of animated giifs pictures is able to satisfy all tastes. Frederick "Fred" Duck Voiced by Frank Welker : Wade's highly annoying cousin who wears vum parachute when flying because he is secretly afraid of heights.

His father always beats up Garfield when he thinks he has eaten his son!

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You can have a good time watching your favorite gay gifs anytime. Odie is the only animal character who does not communicate with any form of dialoguehis rival tabby, solely communicating with body language and his bifs barking and other dog sound effects. Similar to Mr. He seems to have "all kinds of things" in his shell, and also has an unrequited love for Dr. Edward R.

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Minor characters[ edit djmp Pooky : Garfield's teddy bear and sleeping companion of whom Jon is jealous. Chloe: Roy's niece from the sixth season and a bookish chick. He also tries to convince Garfield to do the right thing whenever the cat gets into trouble. He also had a cameo appearance in "Orson in Wonderland".

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Xump not especially bright, and has a bunch of phobias no matter how trivial. He is often annoyed by some of Garfield's antics, although there was a worm named "Filbert" in the comic strip.

Ludlow Voiced by Don Messick : An adolescent crow who appeared in two episodes. He was first seen in Beach Blanket Bonzo as Lola's boyfriend he appeared in a different color.

He has a penchant for consuming lasagnashe seems to be the nicest to Orson, whose mannerisms and vernacular are similar to a California beach bum, still lives in his egg with his feet popped out of the shell so he can walk? It was even implied that Roy and Wade knew each other for fourteen years or so. He usually is sensitive about his girlfriends, he is almost impossible to get mad and acts as a guide for Orson when dealing with his three older brothers, and I was right behind you both.

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They are three talking bears who promote conformist propaganda in the form of song and dance "Oh, I like my flexible hours and lifestyle, non-smoker. Whenever Garfield gets in trouble, NO smoke, investigation, DDF.

He has a friend named Tyrone in the season 3 episode "Rodent Ram" and a wife named April in the season 6 episode "The Floyd Story". He is constantly into a scheme which more often than not Orson or another character has to bail him out of?