Windows 10 Creators Update – Best Windows Update Features ( +Game Mode) 2017 Free!

Windows 10 Creators Update is faster & better. See the Windows 10 Creators Update features in this latest Windows 10 update review. Windows 10 Creators Update brings great new Windows 10 features and Apps… Windows 10 now has the new Paint 3D app, Windows 10 creators update Game Mode, Dynamic Lock, new Windows Defender options, Night Light, Microsoft Edge Show Tab Previews, new expanded Windows 10 Themes and more.

Here’s some more good news: Windows 10 update free version (Windows 10 Creators Update free) upgrade is easy to download and install on any Windows 10 computer that already has Windows 10 installed on it.

In conclusion, watch my Windows 10 creators update preview & Windows 10 creators update review, to get the most out of your new Windows 10 update today. Keep in mind while you are viewing this video tutorial, that it’s not a Windows 10 tips and tricks video, but rather a straight forward, to the point, Windows 10 update review/preview.