Top 5 weird dating apps – Video

These are the top 5 weird dating apps.
It can be difficult to find the right person who has a real connection with you.
There are now lots of ways to meet thanks to new apps, but here are some that use some unusual criteria to match you up.
At number 5 is Tastebuds with half a million users.
Tastebuds hook is to match you up based on you taste in music.
The app can scan your iPhone music library or you can share your favorite music.
Then Tastebud will match you with people nearby.
At number 4 is Appetence.
It’s an app that forces people to get to know each other.
Before profile information is given out.
Here’s an example.
If your match likes you interests or messages, you can unlock info about your matches interests.
Profile photos must also be unlocked.
It’s kind of like a reverse Tinder.
And number 3 is Badoo.
Badoo claims it has 350 million people on it’s servers, over 190 countries.
It’s added a new feature called Lookalikes.
You can search for people Who look like celebrities, your friends, or you can even upload a picture.
So if you’re seeking a particular look or type, Badoo has you covered.
A quick note.
Users of the app can opt out of being searchable by this new feature.
And number two is Hotline.
This is truly strange.
After you match on this app, you will not be able to message each other until you engage in a voice call that lasts for more than five minutes.
The voice call is set up through the Hotline app.
So, if the call goes poorly, phone numbers are not exposed.
Matches are also limited to three at a time.
Before we get to number one, honorable mentions go to Bristlr and Sizzle.
Bristlr matches people with beards with those who want to stroke them.
Sizzl from Oscar Myer matched people who like bacon.
Those services may or may not be functioning anymore.
And then number one it’s Luxy, who cares about music or phone calls.
Luxy is all about matching people who make lots of money.
If you earn more than $200,000 you can join for free.
Alternatively you can be voted in by attractiveness.
I’m not making any of that up.
Luxy claims one out of every two active members earns more than half a million dollars, so good luck.
This is the part that no one watches, so I’d like to discuss this mattress documentary I watched, the name of which escaped me.
So, if you know what it’s called let me know.
So in the olden days mattresses were on rope bases, so you’d have to tighten your ropes to sleep tight.

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