Top 5 hidden Echo features – Video

These are the top five hidden benefits of an Amazon Echo speaker.
As we do with these kind of lists, we talk with CNet smart home experts, Andrew Peekaboo Gebhart, and Ry El President Crist, for their insight.
By the way, we’ll try our hardest to avoid the default activation word [BLEEP] Did you just bleep me?
Let’s get to it.
Number five is messaging/intercom An Echo device can double as a speakerphone.
You sync up your contacts from the app and you’ll be able to call other folks who have the app or Echo speakers.
If you’ve got multiple Echo devices around your home, you can also use a drop-in feature as an intercom.
And number 4, early Prime Day access.
Amazon Prime Day is the company’s big day where it features deals on all kinds of things for Amazon Prime members.
Think of it as a Black Friday-like event.
Well, if you;ve got an Echo, you can access a bit earlier than the rest of humanity.
This year, Prime Day deals started two hours before the regular time if you shopped using an Echo device.
And #3, sales.
Because Amazon loves selling you stuff, you can just ask your device, device name, what are your deals?
Then, your speaker will let you know what’s available on a discount.
It’s actually pretty handy.
I’ve managed to pick up a Photoshop Elements bundle for around half price.
And number two, cheap music.
Everybody has some kind of music service.
Amazon actually has two.
One comes with Prime, and the other is called Amazon Music Unlimited.
Normally, Music Unlimited costs a whopping $8 per month for Prime members, however, there’s a lower cost plan that gives you Amazon Music Unlimited.
BUt its linked to a single Echo device and it costs about four bucks per month.
And at #1, it can read Kindle books.
You probably knew you could listen to Audible books on on Amazon speaker.
But did you know that the Echo can read certain Kindle books using text-to-speech?
You go to the smart phone app them music, video, and books.
Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see Kindle as an option.
There you will see all the books from your Kindle collection, that can be read aloud to you.
Not all books are supported but it’s a great little feature.
Your still here great.
I’d like to tell you about my favorite Amazon skills.
I’m a big fan of playing Jeopardy on the Echo and getting subway reports using the conductor skill.
If you’ve got a harmony remote, the harmony skill is excellent to control your home theater.
Anyway we’ve got a full list at CNET dot com.
I’m [unknown], I’ll see you online.

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