These are our favorite YouTube channels (not called CNET)

Editor’s note: Every week we ask folks around the office a question to see what makes them tick. This week we asked which YouTube channels they love the most.

The A.V. Club channel is the one I find myself going back to most often, specifically its “Undercover” series. The premise is that A.V. Club editors create a list of 25 or so songs, both recent and “classic,” then invite current bands to choose one from the list, create their own version of that song and then come to the A.V. Club’s Chicago offices to perform it before the cameras. Some interpretations are taken quite seriously while others have generous helpings of irony, but they’re nearly all fascinating and have led me to artists I hadn’t previously discovered. My fave discovery so far? That would be Wye Oak’s very poignant take on Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” from Season 4. Also well worth checking out are death metal cartoon band GWAR’s several reworkings of a number of later 20th century rock staples, ranging from Kansas’ “Carry On Wayward Son” to “West End Girls” by the Pet Shop Boys, nearly all NSFW and all screamingly funny.

– Jim Hoffman, copy editor

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