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seven knights hack apk free in app purchasesElemental Fusion is very simple check out the short simple steps below and use the knowledge that I have taught you so far. Make sure you click the “MIDDLE” button in STEP 2 when you want to Evolve your elemental because the other button is increase the MAX level, which is totally freaking useless.Seven Knights is one of the newest and more popular RPGs for both the Android and iOS platforms. Released by Netmarble, one of the top developer in the mobile gaming industry, the game has taken over both of the app stores by storm. I have been playing Seven Knights diligently for the past 13 days, and managed to unlock every check-in bonus I can get till date. I have also been participating actively in Castle Rush and events. With the awesome help of the koreans, I was able to compile the tier list for Seven Knights. Check out the table below. The original data can be found here thanks to the community. Keep in mind some heroes are new and have yet to be tested out, so it is left blank until it is tested and used! They are also graded based on performance in adventure mode, easy siege, normal siege, arena, tower, dragon and boss raids.