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seven knights hack passwordCastle Rush is the guild related battle mode. Players rush into the castle and face the Guardians. Each day, players enter different castles, with seven castles total which are all guarded by each type of Seven Knights. If you score high enough in Castle Rush, you will have a chance to win one of the Seven Knights for free.Lv. 30 Hero Achievement Reward Seven Knights Tips – 30 The game allows players to gain rubies relatively easy through pure grinding. Whenever a particular monster or hero hits level 30, Goddess Elena (NPC) will reward players with 2 to 5 rubies up to 100 times a day. This system provides an almost level playing field for both the paid and free players in the game. The game shares many similarities with Crusaders Quest. They both have adventures allowing the player to collect more than 200 heroes. There are also monsters to fight and different levels across continents. They also both offer PvP battles. However, the game goes a notch higher to have the automate feature and 2x speed. It has better graphics and the game play is more engaging with the character dialogue and the side dialogue box. However, Crusaders Quest has more modes and the player is able to transverse over many more locations from the thick forest, across the blazing desert, under the waves of the ocean, through the heart of a volcano, and traverse the frozen tundra as compared to Seven Knights.