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seven knights hack 2017Every day, you can summon one of the Seven Knights as a friend. Seven Knights are the strongest Heroes and they usually provide Unique Leader Buffs to all team members.Mmm.. There’s an update recently.. so here’s the new look. (」゜ロ゜)」 They transformed the 7 knights heroes into grown ups..! Uhhh.. pretty attractive, aye? The game offers hundreds of quick stages based on making progression from one stage to the next. Similar to many RPG games, it offers three difficulty levels; easy, normal and hard. The different difficulty levels have different features such as locations, bosses and maps. Once you complete the easy level, you unlock the normal and once you are done with this level you progress to hard. The great bit is that you are able to travel with your heroes from the moment you start through the different stages. The thing is later stages can only be reached by either buying rubies or using the Seven Knights cheats.