Samsung reveals SmartThings cloud timing. It


Samsung’s co-CEO HS Kim announces that its SmartThings cloud service will be coming this spring. 

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This spring’s forecast will be cloudy for Samsung.

The Korean tech giant announced at CES on Monday that its SmartThings Cloud service will be available this spring, but offered no specific timeframe. 

The SmartThings Cloud would allow people to control all their internet of things devices from a single app, instead of having one for each gadget. Think about being able to control your smart television, washing machine and locks all from one hub. 

Samsung announced SmartThings Cloud in October, as it continues its expansion beyond phones by pushing out connected TVs and appliances

Samsung’s co-CEO HS Kim announced the timing at the company’s press conference at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas, pointing out how annoying it can be setting up new devices. He said the “world of connected devices is still fragmented and complex” because of how many IoT gadgets are out there. The company sells half a billion connected devices a year, Samsung’s North America president Tim Baxter said on stage. 

To make it easier for all the gadgets coming to homes, SmartThings Cloud creates a single point of control for everything, Samsung said. 

“SmartThings will be your remote control for your connected devices,” Kim said. 

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