Republicans deride Trump’s idea for cyber security unit with Russia

트럼프 “푸틴과 사이버보안대 창설 논의” 후폭풍…전방위 비난

U.S. President Donald Trump’s proposed partnership with Russia on cyber security has triggered widespread criticism from lawmakers, including from within his own Republican party.
President Trump tweeted on Sunday that he and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin discussed during a G20 sideline meeting an “impenetrable Cyber Security unit” to guard against election hacking and other “negative things.”
The tweet also came after Trump said he pressed Putin about U.S. election meddling by Moscow, and that he vehemently denied it.
The proposed pact left Republicans dumbfounded, with some saying it was like partnering with Syrian President Bashar al Assad on a chemical weapons unit.
Just moments ago, Trump took to Twitter again to stress that just because he discussed the cyrber securirty unit with Putin doens’t mean he thinks it can happen.

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