Our favorite classic viral videos

It was exactly 11 years ago, on June 3, 2006, that professional juggler Fritz Grobe and attorney Stephen Voltz of EepyBird uploaded “The Diet Coke and Mentos Experiments” video and changed lives, science curriculums and the internet, forever. The video made it to YouTube a few days later and the stunning science experiment turned Bellagio Fountain has since been viewed more than 18 million times.

I remember well when the video first took off, fueled by a plug on Rocketboom, then a must-watch web newscast. We CNET editors were mesmerized by the video and almost wrote a story about it on that slow Friday afternoon. The next day, I happened to be sitting next to Voltz at a video-blogger conference (yes, that was a thing) and remember how blown away he was by the video’s popularity. The team went on to do many more such DIY science-related videos, but this was the start of all and considered a viral video classic. It’s still beautiful to watch.

— Michelle Meyers, associate editor for CNET News

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