Nintendo Switch


Pokemon is bringing the fight to the Nintendo Switch. 

Pokemon announced Pokken Tournament Deluxe for the Switch during an eight minute presentation on Tuesday morning. The fighting game is a collaboration between Nintendo and Tekken, allowing players to brawl it out with their favorite Pokemon, like Charizard facing off against Mewtwo or Pikachu taking on Lucario.

The game originally came out for the Wii U last March, moving from the usual turn-based battles that Pokemon built its combat system on to a fast-paced fighting style.

The deluxe edition for the Nintendo Switch will add five new fighters: Darkrai, Scizor, Empoleon, Croagunk and Decidueye.

It will also come with new features like 3-on-3 team battles, group battles and ranked online matches. The new game comes out on September 22.

The announcement comes four days before E3 kicks off, where Nintendo is expected to present new titles for the Switch and the 3DS. On June 14 at E3, Nintendo will be allowing people to play a demo of the deluxe edition, as well as hosting an invitational tournament.

The company also announced an expansion for Pokemon Sun and Moon with Ultra Sun and Moon. In a preview of the new games for the 3DS, Nintendo said there would be alternate storylines from the original game, as well as new Pokemon popping up. 

Ultra Sun and Moon will be available globally on November 17.

The original versions of Pokemon Gold and Silver, which originally released in 1999, will be coming to the 3DS’s Virtual Console on September 22. Players will be able transfer Pokemon from the Johto region to their newer games from the Virtual Console, Nintendo said.

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