New Beatles turntables shown off at

Is The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” the greatest album ever recorded, or is it simply an extended preamble to the best song ever recorded: “A Day In The Life”? Whatever your thoughts on the album there’s no denying its effect on popular music. This album defined the term “Beatle-esque” and its influence can be heard from bands as disparate as Pink Floyd, Cheap Trick and My Chemical Romance.

CNET attended a listening party at the House of McIntosh in New York for a 50th anniversary remix of the album. The remix was produced by Giles Martin, the son of the “fifth Beatle” — producer George Martin. The event was well attended, with musician Elvis Costello joining more than 80 Beatles fans in the audience. The event coincided with the release of two Pro-Ject turntables also designed to commemorate the anniversary.

To get the full experience make sure you put on the album… now.

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