NCF 33 IT is Obsolete, Lead with Cyber Security Or Go Out of Business

The most memorable quote from today’s guest is that IT is Obsolete. Professor Andre Hinton who also works as a cyber Lead for the United States Air Force talks about the trend in acquisitions for cyber products within the leading agencies in the United States Government. He says when proposals come to them for any communications project that do not have Cyber Security as top priority, they go straight to the bottom of the stack. Our Government agencies have shifted their paradigm and now place Cyber Security as number one priority on their mission list.

Prof. Hinton is also a subject matter expert for the newly implemented Risk Management Framework (RMF). If you are looking to shift jobs or address the hottest issues in Cybersecurity today, you will want to hear what he has to say about RMF.

Thanks for Joining our Show today Prof. Hinton.