macOS 10.13 High Sierra release date, news and features

Apple has announced the latest version of its operating system for Macs and MacBooks at WWDC 2017: macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

Last year’s update to the Mac OS X of old was very well received, bringing better integration between Macs running the software and iPhones and Apple Watch devices

With the reveal of macOS 10.13 High Sierra now official, here’s everything we know so far.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The 2017 edition of Apple’s Mac operating system, macOS
  • When is it out? June 5 announcement and Autumn launch
  • What will it cost? macOS 10.13 will be free to download

macOS 10.13 High Sierra release date

Apple announced macOS 10.13 High Sierra at the WWDC 2017 keynote event, which came as little surprise, as it’s traditional for Apple to announce the latest version of its Mac OS X (later renamed macOS) software at its annual developer event and showcase.

But when will we be able to download and use macOS 10.13  High Sierra? If you’re really keen to try it out – and if you don’t mind using early software that’s potentially buggy and incomplete – then you’ll be able to download the macOS 10.13 High Sierra Developer Preview right now.

Go to the Apple Developer Program enrollment webpage, which will show you everything you need to sign up for the program, which will then allow you to download macOS 10.13 High Sierra Developer Preview.

Bear in mind that this is early software, so we wouldn’t recommend running it on your Mac or MacBook that you rely on every day. 

There will be a public macOS 10.13 High Sierra in June, which will be more stable and feature-complete, but for many people we’d recommend waiting until the final version, which Apple says will release in Autumn 2017.

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