Light and comfy wireless headphone at an affordable price

iFrogz has carved out its niche in the headphone market by making relatively inexpensive headphones that perform as well or better than other cheap headphones. At $45, the Impulse Duo Wireless is toward the high-end of its in-ear Bluetooth headphone line and features dual 6mm drivers in a lightweight design that’s comfortable to wear. (UK and Australia availability are unclear, but the US price translates to about £35 and AU$59, respectively.)

Like iFrogz’ earlier wireless in-ears, this model is built around the company’s signature wireless hub, which features a magnetic clasp and houses the battery, microphone, all the electronics and all the controls.

The clip serves a dual purpose. Not only does it allow you to attach the remote to your shirt but it keeps the cord wrapped around the remote when you’re not using the headphones.

The headphone cord rolls up nicely around the remote, which has a magnetic clasp.

Sarah Tew/CNET

I like the design and gave a favorable review to iFrogz’ earlier Summit Bluetooth sports headphone. This hasn’t been designated as a sports headphone but it is sweat-resistant and can be used at the gym.

It comes with a few different sized tips, with the buds staying securely in my ears using the larger tips. Using them, I managed to get a tight seal that maximized sound quality. Battery life is rated at 10 hours at moderate volume levels, which is pretty good.

Thanks to the dual 6mm drivers, this headphone sounds better than both iFrogz Summit and the single-driver Impulse headphones. It’s still not a great sounding wireless headphone, but it’s well balanced, has a reasonable amount of bass and is pretty smooth in the treble as well as midrange.

The remote clips onto your shirt.

Sarah Tew/CNET

What holds it back a bit is that you can tell it’s a Bluetooth headphone. By that I mean it sounds a touch dull. Also, it only performs OK as a headset. I could hear callers well, but a few people I spoke to while I was at the gym complained of hearing too much background noise.

Those small grips aside, the Impulse Duo is a likable in-ear Bluetooth headphone that packs up well and is easy to carry around in a pocket. It’s not a bad deal at $45, but I’d be even more enthusiastic about it if it cost $35.

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