Kodi 17: Lean and Mean Super Fast Set-up Using Only Four Addons

This Kodi lean and mean setup guide is specifically for Kodi 17 Krypton as Exodus will not return HD sources in older versions of Kodi. If using Kodi 16 or earlier please substitute Zen or Specto for Exodus. This Kodi setup guide is specifically to help you get started as quickly as possible with a super fast setup of the four basic addons that cover all four catagories: TV/Movies, All-in-one, Live TV and Sports. The installation covers what are arguably the four best addons in Kodi in 2017 using only one basic repository so you can quickly setup kodi in just a few minutes. It’s super easy and anyone can do it, just follow the guide step by step. This is a DIY tutorial.

Repository used in video:

Addons featured in ‘Lean and Mean’ setup:
Exodus, Phoenix, cCloud and SportsDevil.

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**The information contained in this video is for informational purposes only**

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