How to Install BOB on KODI – Latest Update

How to Install Bob Kodi 17 Krypton

Previous member of the popular Phoenix add-on, Blue and Valhalla, have let and created BOB. It plays a wide range of content including TV shows, movies. music, and sports. It really does have everything, split down in nice easy to navigate section with consistent quality content. The Addon is always being updated and the developers even hold live shows on the where they are heading with the addon and what new features will be available too. So this post is aimed at How to Install Bob Unrestricted

Playing streams is one-click with no need to search through a server list. Funny messages appear while waiting for the stream to start. They are so random but it just adds to the fun of the addons and thats what it should be all about.

How to Install Bob Unrestricted

1. Click the System Icon from the top left
2. File Manager
3. Add Source
4. Click where it says None
5. Enter the URL:
6. Name it Noobs and Nerds
7. Add-ons
8. Click the Package Installer from the top left
9. Click Install from Zip file
10. A box will slide open find Noobs and Nerds and click it
11. Click
12. It will pop up Noobsandnerds Repository Enabled
13. Install from Repository
14. Click Noobsandnerds Repository
15. Video Add-ons
16. Click Bob
17. Click Install

You now have the very latest version of BOB Unrestricted installed on your device, please looks a few mins prior to viewing any content on BOB this just helps the add-on reload and refresh all of the content available.