Pre-orders have opened on Tesla’s Solar Roof, giving homeowners a chance to put money down to replace their roofing with high-tech tiles that could help power their home.

Since the costs of swapping in Tesla’s sun-sapping equivalent is tricky to budget, (considering there’s no “one size fits all” for roofs) Tesla also added a handy calculator that churns out a relative figure for how much it could cost — or potentially even save.

The calculator just needs an address, your home’s square footage, and number of stories to make an estimate on how much solar roofing you’ll need and how much will be effective, thanks to Google’s Project Sunroof 3D-mapping technology, according to TechCrunch.

From there, the estimate weighs the cost of building the actual Solar Roofand installing one or more optional Powerwall batteries against possible savings from tax credits and saved energy over the course of 30 years — giving users a general idea how worthwhile the investment might be.

The calculator also includes a slider adjusting how much of the roof you’d like actually made of Tesla’s solar tiles, since some portions of roofs with lots of shade or fixtures like chimneys can’t benefit from the technology.

Users can also choose between one of two tiling styles for their roof  — textured or smooth  — which are designed to blend in with ‘normal’ roofs and also seemingly quite durable. Two more styles  — Tuscan and slate — are expected to debut in 2018.

For those who’ve crunched the numbers and are ready to go solar, a deposit can be made of $1,000 to secure an order on Tesla’s website. Should you change your mind, Tesla says that the deposit is fully refundable until you make either a purchase or an installation agreement.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk adds that his company’s solar roof can be ordered “for almost any country” and that the Solar Roofs  will be deployed next year.

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