FILECHEF something you probably didn’t know about, but need to

FILECHEF something you probably didn’t know about but need to

So here we have something quite cool, ever fancied downloading something but didn’t know where to find it or didn’t want to use some sites that you weren’t too happy browsing on. Well here comes FileChef, so what exactly is it. Well it will browse the whole of the www for the content that you are searching for, the homepage is very simple and intuitive to use as you can see.

FILECHEF something you probably didn't know about but need to

You can search for anything in an area of TV / Movies, Software, music and even books etc. Basically you can in effect search this via google but you would have to input something along the lines of

“movies +(mkv|mp4|avi|mov|mpg|wmv) -inurl:(jsp|pl|php|html|aspx|htm|cf|shtml) intitle:index.of -inurl:(listen77|mp3raid|mp3toss|



So this search is basically saying, look for my search “Movies” in the following formats “mkv|mp4|avi|mov|mpg|wmv)” in the following URL’s  with the index of. Simple yeah . Well it doesn’t matter as we don’t really need to break everything down as it just works. So lets try our first search on FileChef.

So our first search will be something generic, as you can see “Movies” in the search bar. You can be very specific if you like e.g. “Homeland S01 Ep02” and so on.

Lets see what out search results look like.

Oh right its a google return. Well yes Google is the beast search engine after all. As you can see that Filchef has populated our search bar with all the specifics and he we are presented with a list of available files under the “Movies” search. So lets click on one.

Well this looks confusing, but trust me its not. Its basically a list of all the movies available for you to download. Now not all sites will appear like this, some may even break it down in to years and then genres too! So what happens when we click on one of those file. Spoiler alert, this is where the magic happens.


Check out the top right of the screen, yes its downloading, it really is as simple as that. Just imagine what you could search for now! Enjoy Filechef people. Thank me later.

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