Fantastic beast tech: the whacky world of animal wearables

If the closest you’ve ever got to looking after a pet is keeping a goldfish, it’s hard to imagine what looking after a horse would be like – other than very expensive, of course. 

It’s so expensive – it’ll cost you up to $10,000/£10,000 a year to keep a horse stabled – that spending an extra few hundred on a equine wearable seems like nothing. Sure enough, there’s a whole mini market of horse wearables hiding behind the Fitbits and Garmins and French company Arioneo produces horse wearables for both regular horse owners and pro riders. 

is a disc-shaped wearable that monitors things like movement, body temperature and moisture levels, and lets you know what sort of rug your animal should be wearing – even horses need jumpers sometimes. 

We doubt whether many horse racers are reading this, but Arioneo also makes a GPS and heart rate-sensing tracker called , the horsie equivalent of a Garmin Fenix 5 runner’s watch. It records the speed, stride and even rhythm of races/rides, storing the data in a Runkeeper-like interface.

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