Echo Wizard not working, thats because its moved to TVA

Echo Wizard not working, thats because its been removed.

Well I saw a tweet and I must add I am a little gutted. Personally in my eyes it was one of the very best wizards available in the community. Containing so much greatness it was unreal from optimisations, builds, addons, skins and just everything you could ever need or want  from a one-stop-shop wizard. The guys that ran it too were so helpful in everything they did. So its not dead, but it wont be the same and its moved completely now. So Echo Wizard not working and here is whats happening. This post was originally seen on please be sure to check out that site, its full of all KODI related content.

Echo Wizard not working, thats because its moved to TVA

A tweet was sent out just a few minutes ago from @EchoCoder the handle of the developer behind the Echo Wizard. As you can see he has moved over to TVS (TV Addons) another area of the community that is loved and hated equally, good decision who knows right now. But what we do know is  that the Echo Wizard not working, thats because its been removed. 🙁

So what exactly do you do now, well as you can see in the 2nd tweet “Any Existing Repo install will auto update to the new Repo” but whats in the new repo. Well initially it can be installed via the source, then you will have to look for the following.

Here we now have in here you will find “Parts” of the old Echo Wizard as you can see below.

Yes it looks very different and it will, its no longer the awesome wizard that it was. Plus if you head in to program addons you will only see the Echo TV Guide (Which is still supported and amazing I will add)

NOW, personally I wont say that its a bad decision as everything is done for a reason and you really must bear in mind that ALL the developers do this for fun and to provide content free of charge. It takes many hours, days, weeks to ensure that the service they provide stays free and working, with hosting costs thrown in for good measure too. So whatever the reason I am sure its a good one for the right reasons too. RIP Echo Wizard. So now you know that the Echo Wizard not working and it isn’t good. (Personally)

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