Cybersecurity M’sia Issues Alert

CyberSecurity Malaysia, under the Science, Technology, and Innovation Ministry, MOSTI, has issued an alert on the ransomware attack, known as WanaCryptOr 2.0.

The statement said, the ransomware uses a vulnerability first revealed to the public as part of a leaked stash, of NSA-related documents, to infect Windows PCs and encrypt their contents before demanding a ransom for the key to decrypt the encrypted files.

Cybersecurity Malaysia CEO, Datuk Amirudin Abdul Wahab stated that the ransomware attack used Server Message Block, SMB exploit leaked by the Shadow Brokers, and urge system administrators to patch their systems as soon as possible, and keep their users aware of attack.

Preventive measures, such as performing regular backups of all critical information, maintain up-to-date anti-virus software, and avoid following unsolicited web links in email, were also released.

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, MCMC stated that as of 10 am Saturday, no attacks have been reported in Malaysia.

The situation will be monitored together with other enforcement agencies.