Charamba – Cybersecurity ministry to stop social media abusers in Zimbabwe – 10 October 2017

President Mugabe’s spokesperson, George Charamba saying Zimbabwe’s new Cybersecurity ministry is there to stop social media abusers – 11 October 2017

George Charamba was speaking after the swearing in ceremony of Zimbabwe’s Cybersecurity Minister, Patrick Chinamasa & other ministers by President Robert Mugabe at State House

Mugabe reshuffled his cabinet on 10 October 2017

According to Mr Charamba, the new ministry is a protective ministry which is meant to protect the nation from cyber threats posed by the abuse of social media.

Charamba referenced to the panic buying incident were a few messages on WhatsApp were enough to cause havoc in the nation. He said the president is convinced that those messages were sent out by political enemies seeking to destabilise the country.

President Mugabe said as the new ministry is still finding its feet, they are looking at countries they believe have dealt with cyber threats effectively. He mentioned China as one of those countries.