AT&T, Justice Dept. argue over when to start Time Warner fight

AT&T is eager to start the trial. 

Richard Levine/Corbis via Getty

AT&T and the US Department of Justice will meet in court Thursday to determine when they need to meet in court later. 

The Dallas-based telecommunications giant is looking to kickstart its legal fight against the Justice Department, which sued to block AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner.

AT&T is shooting for the trial to begin on Feb. 20, according to Reuters, while the Justice Department wants to begin on May 7. 

There’s an incentive for AT&T to begin sooner since it costs the company to hold the deal together. The company has already pushed back the deadline on the deal to April 22 and faces a potential break-up fee of $500 million if the transaction falls through. 

Time Warner is expected to play a critical role in AT&T’s attempts to turn itself into an entertainment powerhouse that would both create and deliver TV shows, movies and music. 

AT&T declined to comment, and the Justice Department wasn’t immediately available for comment. 

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