Apple and Augmented reality, will we see it!

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Apple and Augmented reality, will we see it!

Now augmented reality is a cool thing, and this is what Apple are best at, mainly due to marketing, they make things stylish with their sleek modern adverts that influence market trends and attract customers by the million, but how far can their innovation go, is it limitless, what do we actually want in a phone. Apple seem to think Apple and Augmented reality will we actually see it in the next new iPhone.

As per a new report, Apple is working heavily on augmented reality and considering the inclusion of a bunch of AR related features for the next iPhone, which is scheduled to launch in September this year. Apple and Augmented reality

The report comes from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, a well-known source for Apple leaks. Gurman believes that Apple is currently working on AR based glasses, which will take some time to hit the markets. However, the company might build some AR related features well in advance to accommodate for the release of the glasses in the future.

He claims that there are “hundreds of engineers” currently working on the project, which is something that we’ve heard in the past as well. Naturally, Tim Cook is a big fan of AR, as evidenced by multiple reports. Apple has poached a handful of ex-Oculus and Microsoft HoloLens employees for this purpose.

As for the features that are said to be in development, the one that caught our attention is the mention of Snapchat like filters that would allow users to place different objects and items on an image. Other rumored features include the ability to change the depth of the objects in a particular image, and allow specific items in the photos to be tilted 180 degrees. All of this could be leveraged using the dual-camera setup of the iPhone 7 Plus, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple sends this in the form of an update with iOS 11.

However, we’re mindful of the fact that some of these features could be hardware dependent, meaning that we will see the bigger AR based features only with the new iPhone. Older reports have already mentioned that the iPhone 8 would have a groundbreaking camera, which is well in line with this particular revelation.

Analysts have mentioned that the next-gen iPhone would come with a projector and a receiver, which seems a bit far-fetched at the moment. However, given the current environment in the mobile industry, nothing can be written off. Would you like to see some more AR features on the next iPhone? Apple and Augmented reality will we see it coming to the next big iPhone update.

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Apple and Augmented reality, will we see it!