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Xbox One X will support 4K streaming on Amazon Prime Video worldwide at launch

Planning on picking up an Xbox One X? You'll be happy to know that it will support 4K streaming through the Amazon Prime...

European CyberSecurity Challenge 2017 – Day 1

First day of the European CyberSecurity Challenge 2017 (#ECSC2017). 31th October 2017, Málaga (Spain). source

Nintendo touts Super Mario Odyssey and SNES Classic sales, but not Super Mario Run

If you've been thinking that Nintendo is having a great year, its latest financial report proves you haven't been wrong.We've already written about...


The spat between Apple and chipmaker Qualcomm just keeps getting nastier and nastier, and apparently Apple may finally have had enough of it. According...

Myth 2: All cybersecurity breaches are sophisticated.

Episode 2 of the New 6-Part Video Series: Cybersecurity Myths Debunked source

Mobile skills in demand

If you’re a techie with mobile skills you’re going to be in a lot of demand – but don’t start counting on a...



TOP 4 Hacking Tools | Must Have Tools & Software For Ethical Hackers |...

TOP 4 Hacking Tools | Have Tools & Software For Ethical Hackers | Windows / Android / Linux Hacking tool ethical hacker source