10 weird and wonderful pieces of tech from IFA 2017

Sometimes the only thing that stops us from eating everything in our fridge is that we’re too lazy to actually get up and go to it. Apparently Panasonic has heard our labored breathing as we try to rise from the sofa and created a fridge that will recognize your voice and come to you when you call. 

Rather than targeting this fridge to the lazy, Panasonic is saying that it’ll be appealing to the perpetual dinner party host as it’ll allow them to load it up with drinks and call them in when their guests are running low. At the end of the meal it can also store the empty plates and trundle them through to the kitchen.

Judging from the demo we watched, it might not do it especially quickly. 

Like robotic vacuum cleaners, the fridge constantly maps and re-maps your home’s floor so that it’s never stumped by obstacles. To us having a fridge that’ll come to you seems like a dangerous proposition but fortunately we don’t have to worry about it coming to the market for another three or four years. 

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